Monday, January 12, 2009

New Years is Old News...

Bowler Hat - Gift from sister, Korea___Nerd Glasses - Bought in Markets, Hong Kong___ Studded Tee Dress - D.I.Y___ Socks - Kmart, Aus___Shakuhachi Lace Up Heels - Bought for $100 at a sample sale, Aus

I know its a bit late but I've been super busy.
MTV picked up my contract for another 3 months so I'm hard at work on the Music Awards (LOTS of work!)
Jodes, Corz and a whole heap of my crew rang in the New Year at the Purple Sneakers House Party. Its the second year I've gone an yet again it was awesome.
Think a whole heap of indie-cool kids kickin' it on four levels of DJ's, bands (British India, Blue Juice, Yves Klien Blue, Teenagers) and retro movies (Bill and Ted, Mall Rats) - you get the idea.
Despite my best efforts to find something thrifted and fabulous to wear nothing seemed quite right, so in the end I took two things I'd scored at the op shop (A striped maxi tee dress and a 4XL bikie tee) and got all D.I.Y.
Pretty straight forward really - I hacked around the print on the bikie tee in a square-ish shape and stitched it onto the tee dress. Then I hacked (I keep saying hacked because my left hand isn't the best with scissors) the bottom off the maxi to make it a mini. Lastly I peeled the studs off some hairbands I bought for $2 on sale from Equip and glued them on the print. Not bad for a collective total of $10 huh?
In fact I'm so happy with my efforts I might just have to make my Big Day Out outfit as well - stay tuned....


Abby said...

Rad outfit.

I wish I could diy like you. Mmm stripes are delicious.

How amazing did your new years sound!! I saw Teenagers the day after boxing day, and they were amazingly fun, and I love Bill & Ted soo much!

I am glad they have picked up your contract again! Hooray.


Blood Roses said...

love the stripes and white hair, you guys look so cute!

Anonymous said...

ah AMAZING bracelets