Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's Top Tune - Mammal 'Smash the Pinata'

So here's a new thing I'm doing.
Seeing I work in music I thought I should get a bit more of it onto the blog.
No better band to start with than my favourite - Mammal.
'Smash the Pinata' is the first single from their most recent album 'The Majority'
Words do not describe how good this band are live - front man Ezekiel Ox (pictured) is a juggernaut

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skeleton Dance....

Leopard Biker Jacket - Harajuku Market
Vintage Punk Tee (stretched to a dress) - Wastelands L.A

T.U.K Creepers - eBay

Black Drape Vest with Studded Straps - Jodes' from Hong Kong Market

My iphone is back from the hopsital and I'm back from Japan.
Back with a few new goodies too.
I snapped these at the pole studio before a vigorous practice session.
Don't really know what happened in the first shot but I like what the lights doing.
Leopard and can't really go wrong can you?

You're Fucking Killing Me....

Images from Pixiemarket

Seriously Pixiemarket.
Fucking killing me.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tempted Tempted....

images: stolen from NOIR XXX

I've been toying with the notion of going back to the red side for some time now.
These two hot bitches put up a good argument.
To be continued....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Can't Resist....

image: google

...A good pair of skinny pants.

When Jodes was last in N.Y she finally hunted down these Lip Service PVC 'Leggings' for me.

They're actually cut like jeans, have a fly and everything, but they're so tight they call them leggings.

I'm serious, so tight I have to leave the ankle zippers half open or I cut off blood flow to my feet.

Circulation issues aside I am pretty much obsessed with them and their neo-gothic tendancies....

In other pant-related news, I FINALLY found my dream leather skinnys.
These baby's are by Blank and they have awesome moto seams at the knees.
Super supple and not crazy expensive, I can't wait for Nasty Gal to ship these suckers to me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall to Pieces....

Apologies for the absence - I dropped my beloved iphone and it shattered...i'm shattered.
Now I'm sans camera.
Sans ipod
Sans mobile ebay.
Sans sanity.
Come the fuck on Optus, fix my phone already.