Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lets Hear it For The Boy...

Leopard Shirt - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___Vintage Sid & Nancy Tee - Ebay, U.S___Acid Wash Waisted Shorts - Salvos Op Shop, Aus___Who's Billy Black & White Brogues - Ebay, Aus

Black Velvet with Tri-Colour Chiffon Ruffle Dress - $3 at a Vinnies Op Shop, Aus___ Silver Hoops, Diva, Aus___Bowler Hat - Gift from sister, Japan

'Willy and Family On the Road Again' Vintage Tee - Bring Back 1983 @ General Pants Co, Aus___ Vintage Waisted Yellow Shorts with Dinosaur Print - Gift from sister, U.S?___ Wide Patent Belt - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___Quilted Leather Bum Bag - Ebay, Aus___ White Skimmers - Kmart, Aus___Two-Tone Wayfarers - Volcom, Aus

Leopard Print Sequin Top - Salvo's op Shop, Aus

Just some of my favourite shots of me with the boyf - Corey (aka corz, corzo, or E.T, which stands for 'emo tendancies')
He's a dork, but I love him......

I Can't Believe My Eye(let)s...

Vintage Boots - Ebay, U.S

Working at a desk has some advantages - sneaky scrolling through eBay all day.

I ADORE the eyelet detail on these boots!

If they were my size and the detailing was silver they'd be mine.......

Don't You Know Who I Am?...

Jacket - Hand made, Aus___Leggings - Bought for $2 at Vinnies Op Shop about 2 years ago, Aus___Tee - Supre, Aus___Heels - Wittner, Aus

Last weekend was the inaugral Santa Claus Pub Crawl. Basically everyone converges on a local establishment dressed in a Christmas-themed costume and brings along a toy donation. The Salvos come and collect the toys to distribute to disadvantaged kids for Christmas while everyone gets totally wasted moving from pub to pub - How Australian right?
Hundreds of people get behind it and its always a massive laugh, although christmas-costuming lends itself to winter-esque get-ups and the always mid 30 degree heat makes things interesting!
This year I decided to step outside the box and go as Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.......Unfortunately NO ONE (OK, like 2 people) knew who I was supposed to be! After a couple of hours of "Why are you dressed as Beetlejuice?" (who wore purple and white stripes by the way) I started gettting a bit cranky.....I mean c'mon, the movie was a smash hit internationally.....though not according to the thousands of blank faces and the "I didn't see its" I received
Funny Observation - After uploading this random image of Jack Skellington I just noticed we are striking the EXACT same pose, right down to the splayed hand, straight mouth grin and cropped-at the-shin shot.....spooky and very cool indeed....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Zippity Do Dah....

Vintage Zip Clutch - Ebay, Aus
Zip Cut-Out Heels - Urban Outfitters, U.S

I love zips.....which is a good thing because they seem to be popping up everywhere I look these days.
I particularly dig these shoes, cause they're like the tough older brother of my Rubi cut-out heels I seem to wear in like, every second post these days....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holy Heartbreaker...

Awww, I want this little number off eBay soooooo bad!
Alas, the shipping from the states is astronomical - I figured out the most Icould bid but it seems like some other punk-styling die-hard has more cashola than I and has trumped my max bid.
Goodbye my beautifully decrepit slashed/trashed/ripped/stitched love - I'll add you to my gallery of "the eBays that got away"

On the Cape Crusade...

Rayban Sunnies - Bought from eBay, Aus___Vintage NO-FX Tee - Wastelands, U.S___ Plus Size Red Leopard Cape - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___ Hi Gloss Python Leggings - MINKPINK, Aus___ Who's Billy Two-Tone Brogues - Bought from eBay, Aus___Ball and Chain Necklace - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___ Various rings and bangles
I bought this fat lady oversize cape/jacket thing a while back as part of a giant Salvo's haul. I liked that it was a little bit dramatic, a little bit pyjama (I'm an all-or-nothing kinda gal).
Pairing it with one of my fave vintage punk tees and some shiny MINKPINK leggings made for an easy-as Monday outfit.
Oh, the red raybans are my sisters - I lost my black ones in a mad scramble to juggle fabric and my ringing mobile phone in Spotlight the other week. Soooooo annoyed as they were part of my 1st anniversery gift from my lovely boyf. On the plus side, he has promised to replace them for Christmas....must post a pic of him sometime.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Porcelain Poses

Military Jacket - Sass and Bide, Aus___Band Tee, Mossimo @ Glue, Aus___Jersey Mini - MINKPINK, Aus___Double Buckle Ankle Boots - RMK @ Myer___ Studded Belt and Randon Accessories - Various overseas locations

Tuxedo Shirt, Black Denim Shorts, Leopard Blazer and Patent Chain Buckle Belt - Various Salvos Op Shops, Aus___Red Leather Skinny Tie - Used to be my dad's, Aus___Burberry Knock-Off Studded Platforms - Topshop, U.K

Introducing my twin sister Jodie (
I've been hassling Jodes to blog for ages. She has much much much cooler stuff than me can I put this? I much more developed sense of style (unlike me, who often looks like she fell out of a charity donation bin/is on her way to an 80's costume party).
She's quite camera shy though, so getting outfit posts out of her been a real pain in the ass (Don't be fooled by the above, these shots were after more than a few grown-up beverages).
This is us at a Dead Letter Circus concert last week. The excellent tunes + the alchoholic esteem boost motivated the above impromptu photo shoot in the venue's bathrooms - cue some odd glances from girls coming in to use the facilities for the more conventional reasons....clearly they've never come across bloggers before........