Thursday, December 4, 2008

Porcelain Poses

Military Jacket - Sass and Bide, Aus___Band Tee, Mossimo @ Glue, Aus___Jersey Mini - MINKPINK, Aus___Double Buckle Ankle Boots - RMK @ Myer___ Studded Belt and Randon Accessories - Various overseas locations

Tuxedo Shirt, Black Denim Shorts, Leopard Blazer and Patent Chain Buckle Belt - Various Salvos Op Shops, Aus___Red Leather Skinny Tie - Used to be my dad's, Aus___Burberry Knock-Off Studded Platforms - Topshop, U.K

Introducing my twin sister Jodie (
I've been hassling Jodes to blog for ages. She has much much much cooler stuff than me can I put this? I much more developed sense of style (unlike me, who often looks like she fell out of a charity donation bin/is on her way to an 80's costume party).
She's quite camera shy though, so getting outfit posts out of her been a real pain in the ass (Don't be fooled by the above, these shots were after more than a few grown-up beverages).
This is us at a Dead Letter Circus concert last week. The excellent tunes + the alchoholic esteem boost motivated the above impromptu photo shoot in the venue's bathrooms - cue some odd glances from girls coming in to use the facilities for the more conventional reasons....clearly they've never come across bloggers before........


kirke said...

so cool!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

super chic!! xo

JODES & SARE said...

Ha ha....classy, drunk in the ladies room!

Ashleigh said...

you have a twin??!! gorgeous... This is one of my fave shoots...girlie..ive missed you :P..where have you beeeen
Hope things are npt getting too crazu with the new job and all!

Bella Harris said...

You have such amazing style... and that jacket!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, your hair is awesome - both of you!

ashleigh said...

absolutely killer!

it totally just clicked to me that you guys are twins. haha.

i love the impromptu gig photo shoot.

Kristin said...

oooh, I want my nose pierced?!
I've though about it..... and am re-inspired ;)


Goa said...

ha ha ha that kool

Goa India

Abby said...

oh I love you guys.
totally rad pictures.

You both look like you would be fun to hang out with.