Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Re: Booting....

Creeper BOOTS - Have you ever seen such a thing?
Why oh why aren't you my size?
Ebay, why are you so cruel?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Misfit Me....

Vintage Misfits Tee - Ebay
Cobalt Blazer - Half price from Salvo's Op Shop, D.I.Y Stud Job

Fingerless Leather Gloves - Ebay

Black on Black Cons High Tops - General Pants Co . Bowler Hat - Gift from Jodes
I love this Misfits tee.
It used to be a bit of a mis-fit itself, so to speak.
To alter I just unpicked the side seams, cut a bit off each side and safety pinned it back together.
Seeing as its winter, I've just chucked it over a body con and stockings.
But it's in its element in summer with high waist cut offs - perfect ventilation.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Porcelain Pirate....

This jacket's on Pixie Market now for $120...feeling pretty good about my $20 eBay purchase right about now

Acid Wash Denim Cropped Biker Jacket - eBay . Striped L/S Tee - Salvos Op Shop . Jersey Fringe Necklace - Jodes/Platinum Evil DIY that I stole

Vintage Biker Boots - Stolen from Jodes/Platinum Evil

MINKPINK Body Con Dress - Gift from Jodes/Platinum Evil

Ahoy there from the work bathroom again.
I feel like a pirate for two reasons.
One - red and white stripes with blue always give me that visual.
Two - I've stolen a lot of this outfit from my sister (boots, dress, necklace and even stockings).
But that's what sisters are for right?
Shame she didn't have a Rhianna-esque studded eye patch.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bathroom Creeper....

Mens Chambray Denim Shirt - Jay Jays . Vintage Punk Tee - Wastelands, U.S . Stud Belt with Chains - Dangerfield

"Slasher" White Jeans - MINKPINK . Tuk Two Tone Creepers - Ebay

Another day, another bathroom photoshoot.
I think I'm going to start making these a regular event.
Got these Creepers off ebay about a month ago for the bargain price of $25.
They are the comfiest way to add centimetres.
I'm having a full blown love affair with them at the moment.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Most Regular Choice....

Some of the lastest from Irregular Choice.
As stolen from Is Mental.
Goddam love the styling.
Seriously need that first pair of romper stomper wedge boots in my life.
Oi indeed.....

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Photogenically Challenged....

Anarchy Ring - Ebay . Skull Ring - Paddys Markets . Fang Ring (no. 2) - Ebay

Double Skull Pendant on Leather Throng - Random Stall in Mcarthur Square

EVIL TWIN "Into The Chaos" Dress - From Jodes . Red Blazer (with DIY Skull Buttons from Spotlight) - Salvo's Op Shop

Tri-Headed Skull Ring - Random Stall in Mcarthur Square . Rubber Bands - $2 Shop

I wanted to show off my new skull purchases so I had myself a mini photo shoot in the disabled toilet at work.
The pendant has a 'bommy knocker' quality to it and the tri-head ring makes me want to ball up my fist and hit something.
Got to love jewellery that doubles as weaponry.
ODD FACT - I think this blazer might actually be part of a discarded bank teller uniform.