Sunday, August 2, 2009

Photogenically Challenged....

Anarchy Ring - Ebay . Skull Ring - Paddys Markets . Fang Ring (no. 2) - Ebay

Double Skull Pendant on Leather Throng - Random Stall in Mcarthur Square

EVIL TWIN "Into The Chaos" Dress - From Jodes . Red Blazer (with DIY Skull Buttons from Spotlight) - Salvo's Op Shop

Tri-Headed Skull Ring - Random Stall in Mcarthur Square . Rubber Bands - $2 Shop

I wanted to show off my new skull purchases so I had myself a mini photo shoot in the disabled toilet at work.
The pendant has a 'bommy knocker' quality to it and the tri-head ring makes me want to ball up my fist and hit something.
Got to love jewellery that doubles as weaponry.
ODD FACT - I think this blazer might actually be part of a discarded bank teller uniform.

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Very cool rings!

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