Sunday, August 9, 2009

Misfit Me....

Vintage Misfits Tee - Ebay
Cobalt Blazer - Half price from Salvo's Op Shop, D.I.Y Stud Job

Fingerless Leather Gloves - Ebay

Black on Black Cons High Tops - General Pants Co . Bowler Hat - Gift from Jodes
I love this Misfits tee.
It used to be a bit of a mis-fit itself, so to speak.
To alter I just unpicked the side seams, cut a bit off each side and safety pinned it back together.
Seeing as its winter, I've just chucked it over a body con and stockings.
But it's in its element in summer with high waist cut offs - perfect ventilation.


LH said...

hey doll! i wanna say i love your blog! and i was just wondering are you doing pole dancing/performance full time as your sole job? is it any good?

i only just started pole dancing and i love it so so so so much!

For Love not Money said...

Hi Cheryl

I tried to click through to your blog but you have it set to private (???)

To answer your question - No, its not my full time job. I teach pole classes and parties on the side of my day job (I'm the talent coordinator at MTV Australia).

Pole is great fun and an amazing work out. Teaching and performing have helped me with my body confidence so much.....Always nice to hear of new beginners, hope you're enjoying the challenge of it!


LH said...

hey doll,

oh i dont have a blog at blogspot but i do have one at wordpress, it's quite a depressing blog, not like those fabulous fashion blogs out there, ie yours!

im going next fri to watch miss pole dance victoria. im very excited!! how long have you been doing pole for?

susie miller said...

love the royal blue blazer with the studdage

For Love not Money said...

I've been learning Pole for 5 years now. My instructor was actually trying to get me to enter Miss Pole Dance, however my schedule is so hectic I just couldn't manage it to the standard I'd want it to be...... But I still enjoy performing 9even though I'm always SO nervous beforehand)!


Anonymous said...

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