Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday Night Lights....

Sequin Top - Noni B (Yep, the old lady shop) . Matte Silver Crinkle Leather Vest and High Waist Shorts - Maurie and Eve Platinum . Fingerless Leather Half-Gloves - eBay . Patricia Field for Payless Boots with Jodes' DIY Boot Straps.
A few random shots from a MINKPINK night out that shall surpass as an outfit post.
Not sure if Maurie and Eve intended these two pieces to ever meet in the same outfit, but I love a good suit.
Blame the over-coordinator in me.
Whats with me in the first pic showing my teeth like a revved up doberman?
I'm hoping its my blocked nose making me breathe with my mouth open....
Note to self - pay more attention to expressions when cameras may randomly be pointed and clicked.


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Your nostril ring is so cute! I've always wanted one and now I'm itching for one again!
Love the combination - who'd have thought the top was from Noni B?! Sometimes the best finds are in the least expected places!

Kristal said...

really need to wear my nose ring more often, forgot how much i love it, dont forget how many times ive almost ripped it out. cute post. x

Anonymous said...

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