Monday, July 13, 2009

Share the Love, But Not the Money....

Spotted by Jodes at Portabello Markets.

It seems someone loves my header so much they decided to make a tank (and some dollars) out of it.
Too funny.
But whatever, I'm not fussy.
Nothing in this world, especially the fashion world, is truly original, and everybody references somebody else.
Even when they pretend they're too cool/elite/above/whatever to do it.
Fuck the high and mighty I say. The low and weak of us are entitled to fashion too.
Now where's my royalty cheque?


ashleigh said...

haha that's crazy! so you actually created the header from scratch! wow dear. i don't know if i'd be flattered or pissed out & suing for copyrights haha.

Abby said...

haha yeah, that's kind of nervy of them.
I think I would be a bit annoyed.
but it is a rad header.


Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

oh my god that's bizarre!

Kristal said...

ha ha so random, and all the way overseas. least you know your appreciated far and wide. but the header is amazing.

Anonymous said...

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