Monday, July 13, 2009

No Need for Lovers....

Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Vest - Salvos Op Shop . Sequin Leggings - Sportgirl . Peeptoe Biker Wedges - Wittner

When you have shoes like these.
I'm so obsessed with them and their level of comfort I'm seriously thinking about buying a second pair.
Haven't worn this chiffon vest dealy in ages - its got 3 big splits in it so it floats after you when you walk.
I like that kind of drama.
Listening to Sugar Army's new album "The Parallels Amoungst Ourselves"
Trying to stop myself from eating the whole 100g bag of smoked almonds on my desk.
Trying and not succeeding
Damn almonds



Almonds... Mmm. The Wittner wedges are a bit special, and it seems i'll have to pop into Sportsgirl for a sequin hit. Can't see the vest pic but anything chiffon and maxi is fine by me. X

caitlin said...

Are they really comfy? I think theyre on sale at the moment..

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