Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On the Cape Crusade...

Rayban Sunnies - Bought from eBay, Aus___Vintage NO-FX Tee - Wastelands, U.S___ Plus Size Red Leopard Cape - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___ Hi Gloss Python Leggings - MINKPINK, Aus___ Who's Billy Two-Tone Brogues - Bought from eBay, Aus___Ball and Chain Necklace - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___ Various rings and bangles
I bought this fat lady oversize cape/jacket thing a while back as part of a giant Salvo's haul. I liked that it was a little bit dramatic, a little bit pyjama (I'm an all-or-nothing kinda gal).
Pairing it with one of my fave vintage punk tees and some shiny MINKPINK leggings made for an easy-as Monday outfit.
Oh, the red raybans are my sisters - I lost my black ones in a mad scramble to juggle fabric and my ringing mobile phone in Spotlight the other week. Soooooo annoyed as they were part of my 1st anniversery gift from my lovely boyf. On the plus side, he has promised to replace them for Christmas....must post a pic of him sometime.


Goldie Locks said...

I love those shoes you are wearing :)

Abby said...

capes are amazing!!

You look hot town.

You can also pretend to be a superhero in it.

what do i mean pretend YOU ARE A SUPERHERO.
gosh I get so confused some times.

leflassh. said...

love those shoes and the sunnies!!

i'm not sure if they have a website or not but i know the desinger anne michelle has a website but i think its american you can just search for her and see what comes up!