Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don't You Know Who I Am?...

Jacket - Hand made, Aus___Leggings - Bought for $2 at Vinnies Op Shop about 2 years ago, Aus___Tee - Supre, Aus___Heels - Wittner, Aus

Last weekend was the inaugral Santa Claus Pub Crawl. Basically everyone converges on a local establishment dressed in a Christmas-themed costume and brings along a toy donation. The Salvos come and collect the toys to distribute to disadvantaged kids for Christmas while everyone gets totally wasted moving from pub to pub - How Australian right?
Hundreds of people get behind it and its always a massive laugh, although christmas-costuming lends itself to winter-esque get-ups and the always mid 30 degree heat makes things interesting!
This year I decided to step outside the box and go as Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.......Unfortunately NO ONE (OK, like 2 people) knew who I was supposed to be! After a couple of hours of "Why are you dressed as Beetlejuice?" (who wore purple and white stripes by the way) I started gettting a bit cranky.....I mean c'mon, the movie was a smash hit internationally.....though not according to the thousands of blank faces and the "I didn't see its" I received
Funny Observation - After uploading this random image of Jack Skellington I just noticed we are striking the EXACT same pose, right down to the splayed hand, straight mouth grin and cropped-at the-shin shot.....spooky and very cool indeed....

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Abby said...

haha that's rad!
What a cool idea.

haha at the beetlejuice comments.
those silly people.

Now I really want to watch the movie sir.