Thursday, November 27, 2008

Red-Hot Blooded Mammal...

Here are the shots from that Mammal gig I went to a few weeks ago and have been threatening to post about ever since. That's Ezekiel, the lead singer, busting out a track on top of our table - I was in hardcore heaven!

Bowler hat - gift from sister, Japan___Red Pleat Front Blouse - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___Waisted Leather Mini - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___ Vintage Stud Belt - Smith Family Op Shop, Aus___ Leopard Cardi - MINKPINK, Aus___Black Stud Bangle - Bardot, Aus___Silver Stud Bangle - Equip, Aus___Anarchy Ring - Bought of eBay, Aus___Platform Brogues - Debenhams, U.K

And here's a reinactment of what I wore (I really need to get better at taking shots WHILE I'm doing things).
The skirt and top were an ensemble purchase the day before at one of my local Salvo's. (ensemble purchase being peices you try on together, buy together and then end up wearing together most of the time) and the cardi was a last minute addition as I ran out the door......really dug this outfit, shame its getting too warm to wear it again. I'll keep it filed for Autumn with stockings.


Unknown said...

loveee your outfit.
i have a cardi just like it.

Bella Harris said...

Hardcore heaven... I love it!

Badass Outfit.
And I really need those bangles.

Abby said...

Thanks for your ever so charming comments.

I can't believe you saw Zippora, I am jealous! I love that lady.

bowler hat is too cool for school!

leather mini..needs to come for an adventure in my wardrobe.

and how hot do you look in red!

you are pretty much my hero.


kirke said...

Everything is so amazing!

Ashleigh said...

that skirt looks like it was MADE for of my fave outfits...I think you look waay too adorable in that hat of yours girlie!
and the shoes....well I have almost the same you already know how I feel about them :P
Great minds think alike'

Delmy said...

your shoes are awesome!!

ashleigh said...

oh god in your words that does sound like 'hardcore heaven'.

yess i have a similar cardi, mine may not be blessed by the mink pink label but it's leopard and printy so it wins some points.

loving it!

Rumi Neely said...

Ooh leo print cardigan = wardrobe essential. You've reminded me to hunt one down ASAP!

Sara Luxe said...

love this outfit ! so fricken cool

Merily said...

I like your skirt. A lot.

Charmaine Li said...

i love the whole look together.. soooo rock and roll chic.. leather + leapard print .. so badasss

Anonymous said...

Love the leather and studs!

Abby said...

Ohhh you fool! You are a ridiculously cool lady. IT IS RIDICULOUS. Sometimes, I sit around and I think about how cool you are, and I exclaim loudly IT IS RIDICULOUS, and everyone stares.

But that is cool as you are twin sisters. I always wanted a twin sister. Maybe I can join in and be the pretend third twin, or triplet rather. Because you are both very cool, and I have two sisters, that I don't care for much. hahah I'm not mean I promise.

Yeah I really haven't had much sleep..and may already be on the wine.. so that explains my scary stalker messages where I try to infiltrate your family. ahahhahah

oh dear.


geri hirsch said...

so cute!

mauro said...

really cute leather skirt!