Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Soldier of the Salvation Army...

I mentioned a 'substantial' op-shop haul a while back and have been meaning to post about it for ages. Well, the time has come.

My favourite op-shop chain by far has to be The Salvation Army (or thanks to their hip new marketing strategy - The Salvos). Almost all of my fabulous finds have been at a Salvos and quite frankly, without them I wouldn't have a wardrobe.

They have a great loyalty card scheme set up - Every time you spend $10 in store you get a stamp on the card. When you have 5 stamps you can use the card to get 50% off your next purchase (can be as many items as you want, but doesn't include accessories) - Pretty cool huh?

As stingy as it is I usually save the card until a day I have a heap of stuff in my purchase pile. I got this whole lot for just under $20.

I've worn quite a few things already (the stripe vest, the violet shirt, the hot pink maxi skirt and the red leopard oversize jacket) but have had a hard time getting (or remembering to get) someone to point a camera at me and press "click"...... bad blogger, I promise to try harder.....


Ashleigh said...

awww man why cant we have those discount cards here?! Love the vest ;)

leflassh. said...

oy that is so cool!
i had no idea they had thosee?
i need to get one asap!
how did u even get one? lol

Abby said...

Fantastic haul!!
I wish I had awesome opshopping skills like you, I am crap and never find anything good.

That discount card is good. The other day at the opshop the lady gave me a discount for no reason at all, I was like, are you sure?

Anonymous said...


Grace said...

I also love salvos discount cards! i save them up for the expensive salvos that charge like $25 an item and totally beat their system (but not really because its still expensive).

Also definately taking your advice and cutting the fringing on those wang knockoffs. Very good idea