Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Down a Different Track(suit)...

Rayban Sunglasses - bought from eBay, Aus___Wet Look Hoodie - American Apparel, Aus___Kids Harley Tee - Bought from tourist shop in London, UK___Stud Belt - The Smith Family Op Shop, Aus___Acid Wash Track Pants - Bought from eBay, U.S___Silver Stud Bangle - Equip, Aus___Black Studded Bangle - Bardot, Aus___Anarchy Ring - Bought of eBay, U.S___Cut Out Sandals - Rubi, Aus

So this is the closest I come to a tracksuit - A shiny black hoodie that looks suspiciously like a bin liner bag (thus the pose next to the dumpster) and a pair of acid wash jeans/track pants with an elastic waist.
I was lusting after a Cassette Society pair with elastic in the cuffs for some time till I found these baby's on eBay. While I'd prefer the elastic cuff (because I'm big on harem pants) I do like that I can cuff these up boyfriend-style. Plus If I put them down on my hips I can hit another current pant trend (dropped crotch). Versatile little find really...
I spent Saturday hitting op shops, training (again) plus running a couple of pole parties before heading to a gig by one of my fave bands at the moment - Mammal.
These dudes are the masters of a live show. Ezekiel, the lead singer actually ran up and did a track (Religion) right on top of our table - too fucking cool. have some really crappy shots I took on my iphone that I might post (if they're not too dark and distorted).
Oh - the new job. Its a 1 month contract (with view to go full-time) at MTV as the TAR (Talant and Artist Relations) Coordinator. Basically it everything to do with presenting tours, booking bands, coordinating flights and accomodation and looking after talent in general.
I'm not going to lie - its a pretty awesome job and I'm very excited to have been offered the position. I worked a 4 month publicity contract for MTV last year which I adored so I'm stoked to be back in the same department, albiet in a slightly different role.
Will keep you all posted on what's going on here - Like tonight we're having an event and British India (great Aussie band) are performing. I'll see if I can get some pics....


Sparrow said...

so hot!!! you are the meanest biker chic out...

Marian said...

honey this is a hot outfit!love the pants,they are friggin hot.

Anonymous said...

wow interesting outfit, i love it! those pants are crazzyy

Shes Dressing Up said...

Sounds like you've landed a fantastic job!
The pants are amazinggg.

Bella Harris said...

Wow... I mean seriously wow!!!
You look amazing!

Definitely keep the job news posted... sounds fantastic!

geri hirsch said...

your comments serious crack me up! love them!

you look beyond adorable, i bet all the MTV'ers take notes as you walk by. what a totally amazing job for a month woman!

ashleigh said...

oh my dear, you look amazing. i love your rocker style.

your new job sounds AMAZING! and thank you so much for the mink pink heads up that was definately so sweet of you :) !!

Rumi Neely said...

Okay amazing job much??? I want to hear more about that one!

And those jeans are out of control awesome..and posing by a dumpster always adds that certain edge, no? Hehhe.

COOL & BORED said...

I love your outfit! Those acid wash pants are amazing!

Shen-Shen said...

Woahhh, the new job sounds completely AMAZING! I'm so excited for you :D

Love the pants btw!

Ashleigh said...

sounds like an awesome job! and I love how you make it all sound so casual...you know, do a couple pole parties..hit up a concert..work for MTV :P...love those pants on you..but thats mostly because im addicted to acid ..im totally biased :P..no really..THEYRE HAWWT girlie

Allie said...

Sounds like an amazing job!

leflassh. said...

you don't need to take notes!
you look fab always!!
love this outfit.

leeselooks said...


congrats on the job! awesome-ness.

and seriously. i love your jeans.
way too cool.
actually beyond cool!
i want them.

thanks for such a sweet comment.

have a wonderful week.


jacquie doll said...

Score on the gig.
And you are an "Excellent EBAYER! A+++++++++!!!!". Love the acid wash track pants. Not everyone could pull those babies off.

Abby said...

ahhhh you little rocker biker you.
Love this look.
You pull this look off so well, I wish I could!

congrats on the new job!! Sounds like a freakin awesome one.


Obscura said...


Adore it...