Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You're Three Rings, You're Beautiful and You're Mine...

When I stumbled across these three beauties on Ebay last week my eyes orgasmed (graphic, but true).
All U.S $9.99, all with 2 days to go, all with absolutely no bidders. And as if it couldn't get any better, all listed by the same seller.....and yes, they were more than happy to combine shipping for a total of $7 U.S. *heart commences singing*
I can't wait to get my hands on them....err, fingers in them.


Abby said...

Wild rings!! Great buy! I don't own any rings right now, at all. How awful.
From what I can see from your blog you have the coolest collection of accessories ever. So jealous.

What a glorious and magical comment you left me. It made my very boring day at work, not boring for the amount of time it took me to read the comment.

Look at us helping each other! I've saved you money on makeup and you are keeping me from going insane.

Freelance work for MINKPINK!!! World's coolest job. I bet you would not go insane at all doing that!

And I am very very excited to hear about this new label. I love Shakuhachi, but yes can never afford any of their beautiful things.

Oh Jodhi Meares, I never saw her on that show, but I just don't really like her in general. But still, Tigerlily has some pretty cool stuff out at the moment.

And no you aren't too full on at all. Hooray for kindredness.

I wish I had done that beautiful dress more justice in my pictures! But that is the coolest thing in the world anyway, I love hanging out on walls in picture form.
Perhaps I will take some more pictures with my new shiny camera that makes everything wonderful, so then I would feel like I had not let down MINKPINK.

This comment somehow became very long.


Sparrow said...
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Sparrow said...

stompface writes very long coments, but thats ok because she is just very full of comment love, that and beautiful hair...i think you will have to be careful when wearing your rings because people may mistake you for a bikey and then try and get you to join their gang, and you will be forced to become fat and grow a long grey beard and wear horrible shoes, it would not be nice at all....
all i am saying i be careful of your rings of beauty, although i really said alot more than that.

Happy days
bicycle pirate

Ashleigh said...

mmmmm I am really liking the last one sooo I hope you bought it becauser if not..I just might...:P Spare me from my shopping miseries ..haha...and I must say I always appreciate your comments are TOO AWESOME
Hope you have an awesome day ;)

Anonymous said...

Love them! Especially the first...

Yup, we have Diva in NZ, only it's not as big as Equip and Bling (a similar NZ jewelery store). It does some cool stuff though!

Karla said...



x karla (from jodies work)

Bella Harris said...

Oh my, these are fabulous... and I'm jealous, insanely jealous!!!


Anonymous said...

loooove that first one