Monday, November 3, 2008

Car Park Antics - Take One...

Felt Fedora - Gowings, Aus___ RayBan Sunglasses - Ebay, U.S___ Tee Dress - Cassette Society on Sale at General Pants, Aus___ Satin Finish Leggings - MINKPINK, Aus___Red Lumberjack Shirt - MINKPINK, Aus___ Long Snake Chain - On sale for $2.95 at Forever New, Aus___Silver Stud Bangles - Equip, Aus___Black Studded Bangles - Bardot, Aus___Chunky Studded Ring - Bardot, Aus___Faux Thomas Wylde Skull Bag - HongKong Markets, H.K___ Cut Out Sandals - 50% off at Rubi, Aus

OK, OK, sorry about the lack of blog-action as of late. I wish I could say I had a great excuse but I'm afraid its just the usual lame "I'm so busy at the moment" line.
I spent Saturday hitting the local op shops with my sister (some great vintage scores - will post them later) and finished off the day with a little bit of chain store perusal at the local shopping centre (Thats what we call a mall over here my American style sisters).

This is a typical "minimal effort" outfit for me - Due to my large line-backer shoulders I almost always layer over tees to break things up. I've never combined these two before, but the MINKPINK shirt is one of my favourites (I have it in white as well) and tends to make everything look cool.

I wish I could claim the googly eyes on the tee dress as my own bit of inspired DIY but alas they are the brainchild of great Aussie label Cassette Society. What can I say, its just so random that I had to have it! Many people have said they're creepy and the dress would be better if I took them off - I immediately stop talking to them as clearly they have no sense of humour.....

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