Monday, November 24, 2008

Plastic Fantastic...

Acid Wash Denim Jacket - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___ Magenta Pleat Shirt - Salvo's Op Shop, Aus___PVC Mini Skirt - Smith Family Op Shop, Aus___Scull Necklace - Bought at Glebe Markets, Aus___Black Chain Bangle - Urban Outfitters, U.s___Silver bangles - Equip, Aus___Black Stud Bangle - Bardot,Aus__ Anarchy Ring - Bought of Ebay, U.S___Studded Bag - Quick Brown Fox, Aus___Lace Up Platforms - Bought at a Shakuhachi sample sale,Aus

This is a re-enactment of an outfit I wore a few Saturday nights ago. A whole heap of local punk bands were playing at one of the local pubs and my boy is a tragic for one of them (Under the Influence or U.T.I) so along I went.
I had two pole parties to run beforehand (Spring/Summer is prime wedding season, I'm lucky to have a weekend where I only run one hens night!) So I literally had 10 minutes to go from sweaty and half clothed to the above.....Although with it being a true punk concert, staying sweaty and half clothed would have meant I blended right in!
This jacket is one of my all-time faves. It's actually childrens wear and the tag inside still has some little kid's name written on it (Mum would never want her child to loose this baby on a school excursion/field trip).
Actually, I think the skirt might actually be junior wear too - When I first spied this little number last year I was slightly apprehensive of the PVC (was I too immerced in pole culture to recognise it was more streetwalker than catwalker?) But once I tried it on and saw it would cost me all of 50 cents I was sold...I've even worn it in the day, who new PVC was so practical? Oh, and you might recognise the shirt as part of my op shop haul a few posts back.
I really should hang the tags out the back to advertise I'm actually fitting into kids clothes these days (thanks hours of endless training).



Those heels are so hot. Sexy chic!! Thanks for the great comment. Loved reading and receiving it!! Oh and to answer your question, the bag is patent and quilted. :)


Kristin said...

Good studs! We love-

Kristin and Val

JODES & SARE said...

Ha ha, thanks for becoming a follower sar, now i just need some outfit photo's....hmmm, who is the talented bitch that takes yours? :P

Sara Luxe said...

love the shoes and bag ! x

Abby said...

You look like retroey goodness. Mmm. Loving that jacket. Oh and the shoes are all kinds of glorious. Ohh and can't forget that clutch, mm studly.

I have got behind in your blog! I didn't think you had done any new posts! I'm so silly.

Miss Urbanita said...

Love your shoes and your bag. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

That clutch is AMAZING!!! I love it.

I've honestly never seen P Money live, but his stuff is always big on the radio during NZ Music Month haha. Hope he makes us proud!

Bella Harris said...

Dammit, I love everything about this outfit... you look incredible!!! And I'm coming to steal your badass jacket and probably the bag too!!!!


great ensemble
the heels and that jacket, so badass.

loves it.

Anonymous said...

ah i NEED that bag