Monday, November 3, 2008

Car Park Antics - Take Two...

RayBan Sunglasses - Ebay, U.S___Misfits Tee - Bought at a Tourist Shop, U.K___Vintage Stripe Vest - Salvos Op Shop, Aus___Acid Wash Cut-Offs - Salvos Op Shop, Aus___Long Snake Chain - Bought on sale for $2.95 at Forever New___Chunky Bangles - Bought on sale at Sportsgirl, Aus___Cut Out Sandals - Bought for 50% off at Rubi, Aus

Another day, another trip to the shopping centre. I saw a great pair of Ksubi jeans on sale that I thought would be perfect for my boy ($330 down to $100 - score!) So on Sunday I dragged him in to General Pants to check them out. Turns out they were 34's, not the 32's I swore they were when I checked them out the day before, so we spent the rest of the day tracking them down in his size - Some might say that they're no longer a bargain when you have to drive 3 hours to get them, but we ended up stopping in Chinatown for dinner so I feel it was justified because we made a day of it.
It was 34 degrees and in an effort to beat the heat I well and truly tried to keep it simple. Originally I only had the tee and the shorts on, but I couldn't help grabbing the vest as I was about to run out the door. Its one of the things I scored op-shopping the day before....I really must devote a specific post to the haul.
I'm working on the blogger pose, although my stocky build doesn't really lend itself to editorial chic! (Check out the bicep in the top pic) Yikes, my pole dancing training has a lot to answer for.....


Sara Luxe said...

just seen ur blog . the word that first sprung to mind when i saw your pics ?


no lie

Abby said...

You are pretty much my hero right now. That website you sent me is amazingly cool. Now I can stop stressing out hunting every single store for the all these glorious Mink Pink clothes.

And you have a rad blog.

Love your look, Seralouise is right!


Dane said...

I really love your style, its a breath of fresh air from the usual blog styles!

Blood Roses said...

love this outfit, you look really cool :) theres a lot of girls who wear band t shirts and look kind of overstyled and false but you pull it off so well because it looks so...natural!