Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Can't Resist....

image: google

...A good pair of skinny pants.

When Jodes was last in N.Y she finally hunted down these Lip Service PVC 'Leggings' for me.

They're actually cut like jeans, have a fly and everything, but they're so tight they call them leggings.

I'm serious, so tight I have to leave the ankle zippers half open or I cut off blood flow to my feet.

Circulation issues aside I am pretty much obsessed with them and their neo-gothic tendancies....

In other pant-related news, I FINALLY found my dream leather skinnys.
These baby's are by Blank and they have awesome moto seams at the knees.
Super supple and not crazy expensive, I can't wait for Nasty Gal to ship these suckers to me.



mate these are sweeeet!!!
im so jealous!
kick ass!

mauro said...

really nice perfect!