Sunday, March 8, 2009

Never Enough Puff....

God I love this dress.
Lace studded with rhinestones topped off with a frothy organza puff ball hem - 80's opulence at its best really.
Spied it on ebay but alas, it went above and beyond what I could justify spending on it.
The search for an MTV Awards ensemble continues......


Abby said...


That dress is rad.

You would have rocked it, I can see you in it!

Hope your search for an outfit is successful soon!


Twiggy Mod said...

Bird that dress is fantastic!!! x

Grace said...

I've got this dress in white. exactly the same, except the sleeves are solid, not lace. I've always wanted to cut off the sleeves and make it a singlet dress and you've just inspired me to do it :)

Kiki said...

so eighties, but love it....ive got a similar one that is so fun to wear...

Ash said...


EVER EVER enough puff

puff on love

ash (alligatorsapple)