Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Times Lucky....

Its my two year anniversay with my boy tomorrow - fun love times.

I feel like celebrating with these pics that I love.

sources: photobucket (I think!?) and paperbag blogspot


ashleigh said...

ohh so cute :) congrats! are you guys going to do anything special?

love these photos too. is that gala gonzales?

Style On Track said...

Congratulations for you and your partner !! :D

Twiggy Mod said...


love conquers all.

Have fun beaut pics x

Abby said...

happy happy anniversary!

Did you get the bag sir?

it is a lovely bag. you can put all kinds of things in it, pretty much any kind of thing that you would like, except maybe elephants, because they probably won't fit.

Unless you build a shrink ray first, and then a tiny little elephant can live in your bag and guard all your important things.

bag twins for life!


Anonymous said...

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