Thursday, May 14, 2009

She's Got Legs....

Pre-Shredded Tights - For those to lazy to D.I.Y
Somewhat Apocalyptic Leggings - These make me think of zombies, and I like that....
Pleather Skinnys - Still havn't leat this one go, I NEED a pair

Splatter Bleached Skinnies - Its not rocket science - they're hot

High Waist Bondage Jeans - Random studs and zips set my heart racing
OH ZZ Top you were so right.
I do have legs, and I also know how to use them.
Now who's money can I use to outfit them in any or all of the above?
Source: Urban Outfitters U.S and U.K


CAMILLE said...

love the 2nd to last ones...amazing.

camille x

Vintage Tea said...

Some really cool pants...

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