Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's Top Tune - Mammal 'Smash the Pinata'

So here's a new thing I'm doing.
Seeing I work in music I thought I should get a bit more of it onto the blog.
No better band to start with than my favourite - Mammal.
'Smash the Pinata' is the first single from their most recent album 'The Majority'
Words do not describe how good this band are live - front man Ezekiel Ox (pictured) is a juggernaut


Abby said...

rad, i'm super glad you are going to blog more about music, i love music so much it hurts sometimes...
always need to hear of new tunesss


For Love not Money said...

I must have jinxed them - they broke up on the weekend.

Safe to say I am devastated.


TheGhostAcademy said...

Is that his real name? haha so intense!