Sunday, September 13, 2009

Me In Three....

Vintage Suicidal Tendancies Punk Tee - Wastelands, L.A . Vintage Short Sleeve Black & White Stripe Blazer - Hong Kong . Silence and Noise Pleatherette Pull-On Pants - Urban Outfitters, U.S . Necklace - Random ball chain and two rings too big for my fingers bought from eBay

A couple of lavatory snaps from a few weeks back I never got around to posting.
I've been off sick with a bitchin' flu so haven't rocked much other than flannelette pyjamas as of late.
Did spend my down time studding some chunky-ass cuffs onto some chunky-ass flat black leather boots.
Surely I'll get around to posting them soon....



Sweet blazer! You always dress good. Get well soon!

La Chauve-Souris said...

waow I m so so loving your outfitsss

Nadia said...

suicidal tees have some of the best graphics i've seen and damn i'm jealous of that blazer!!

nina + seraina said...

that actually sounds so awesome id love to come! yay
ps hope your feeling better! Xx

Anonymous said...

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