Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off the Cuff....

Self Customised Vintage Leather Roc Boots - Ebay

So these are the self-studded boots I alluded to in my last post.
I kicked ass lining the studs up on the first one, but the second one (sinister left boot) proved to be more of a problem child.
I tried to fix it at first, but then decided the wonkiness is quite reflective of me and just let it be.
Nothing ground breaking, but I do so adore how practical/comfortable/coordinatable (not a word but I'm going there anyway) they are.
So much so that I bought a similar pair (but with a heel) and added some spiky studs down the front seam.
Sound familiar? Maybe because Jodes stole them and used them in her latest EVIL TWIN look book shoot.
Thats what sisters are for right?


Rianna said...

wow these customised boots look really good!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxx

JOWY said...

GREAT DIY JOB! j 'adore the boots !

One Love,

Sara Louise said...

Love these boots! How did you get the studs through the leather do you have a machine?

thanks for commenting my blog! In answer to your questions, yes i did get the skeleton dress from asos,I don't know of anywhere else that stocks AY not dead?

I bought the size up from what i usually wear as I know the model was wearing a 1 and it looked tight on her, so I went for a 2 as the label looks to be on the small side! and it's the perfect fit, tight but not too tight! it's so short though! I'll post a pic soon promise x