Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nice Try....

Chiffon Oversize Snake Print Tee (Salvo's Op Shop) . Jewel-Studded Loose Vest (Avec Girls) . Leather Fingerless Gloves (Gift from Jodes - Hong Kong Markets) . Black Cross (U-Tech). Lace-Up Leggings (MINKPINK) . Black on Black Converse Hi Tops (General Pants)

I'm aware of my lack of outfit posts on this blog.
I'm making a conscious - albeit half assed - effort to remedy this.
Above is said half-assed attempt to document yesterday's outfit.
I'll eternally apologise for the 2 mega pixel crapness that is my iphone camera.
Omitted from this documentation is my head sporting a Wang-esque slouchy black beanie.

Interesting observation - I'm sporting MINKPINK leggings, which cost a lot less than these Shakuhachi pants I stumbled across on


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