Monday, June 29, 2009

One For the Road....

Pleather Pants (Silence and Noise @ Urban Outfitters, U.S) . "Death Becomes Her" Cotton Lawn Tee (EVIL TWIN) . Men's Chambray Shirt (Jay Jay's) . Long-Line Blazer (Salvo's Op Shop) . Beanie (Sportsgirl) . Black on Black Hi Tops (Converse)

Just one quick shot Jodes took before we jumped in the car.
Wish I was one of those bloggers that actually, y'know, looked model-y in their outfit posts.
Guess this is why I work behind the scenes, not in front of them.
I'll dedicate the white socks to MJ....


pressure diamond said...

who cares about looking like a 'model'. you make jayjays look cool - that's skill!

pressure diamond said...

no worries, thanks for replying, quite exciting talking to the person behind half of the dresses in my closet... thank your sister for designing the zip tease dress, my boyfriend was very appreciative haha, it's his fave of all my dresses!

yeah I loved that pumpkin suit, however it got swallowed up in the back of my closet and has not been seen for many years!

haha yeah I've seen her blog, you and your sis are in my favourites, old school blog-stalking seeing as I'm technologically challenged, and only worked out how to follow one blog before it stopped working.

nina + seraina said...

oh dude be quiet you look great!
i love those pleather pantss