Thursday, June 25, 2009

Waiting for Trains....

Bowler Hat (Gift from Jodes, Korea) . Vintage Exploited Punk Tee (Wastelands, U.S) . Houndstooth Blazer (Salvo's Op Shop) . Skinny Jeans (Ksubi) . Wallet Chain (can't remember)

Triple Skull Leather Cuff (gift from Jodes) . Anarchy Ring (eBay)

Sequin Sneakers (Primark, UK)

A couple of sneaky shots Jodes grabbed while we waited for the train the other day.
Forgive the sullen expression - it had been one of those days at work.
I seriously haven't worn these jeans in ages.
They're so old they've faded to grey and the denim is so thin its started to ladder.
I think thats a good enough excuse to justify new jeans don't you?

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