Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stolen Moments....

DIY Shredded Acid Wash Jeans (Target) . 'Screaming Banshee' Silk Tee (EVIL TWIN) . 'Racking Up' Anorak Dress (EVIL TWIN) . Leather Fingerless Gloves (Gift from Jodes, Hong Kong) . Beanie (Sportsgirl)

Just nicked these two shots from Jodes blog.
They were taken at our b'day bowling outing.
Don't my lovely boy Corz and I look excited?
And yes, we are wearing identical Sportsgirl beanies (I got sick of him stealing mine so he went and bought his own).


Abby said...

matching beanies how lovely.
these pics are great. well done on your thievery.


Anonymous said...

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